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Success Stories

We are so excited to share some of our success stories with you! We value our patients' success and hope their experiences encourage you to start your journey. Duke Health featured a fantastic familiy who took their first steps with us here at Duke Fertility Center - meet the Ranneys!

 Dr. Eaton, Your contribution to our lives is nothing short of magical!! Thank you for making my journey to become a mommy a dream come true!

Dr. Eaton and staff were very helpful and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Eaton answered all my questions and went that extra mile to make sure my health gets even better.

My husband accompanied me on this visit and we both agreed that the entire experience was delightful. Everyone we met - the physician, resident, nurses, receptionists, and financial specialist, were all extremely courteous and professional.

I came in for a very uncomfortable procedure to see Dr. Hurd. He was wonderful and made me feel validated and accommodated. I appreciated his demeanor and kindness.

Dr. Price is the most caring & knowledgeable doctor I've ever had. He is so invested in my care, & I feel 150% confident in his hands. I recommend him highly!

Dr. Price, Jennifer, nurse Pam and the entire Duke Fertility staff are wonderful. I feel like I am visiting friends. They are all truly great and I thank them.

Thank you so much Dr. Eaton for everything you have done for us.  You are such an amazing physician, and you do such a beautiful thing for your patients.  You have quite literally given us the most amazing gift in the entire world, and we are so grateful.  Thank you for making us parents!

I’ve been a patient at Duke Fertility since 2012 and have only positive feelings about the care I’ve received there. Dr. Muasher is a straightforward, compassionate expert in his field. From the start, he individualized our ivf drug regimen to a less is more approach, giving us quality embryos over quantity, resulting in our first positive pregnancy test and a precious daughter. This is in contrast to previous doctors we’ve seen who have wanted to ramp up the drug dosages to increase embryo quantity, since that is what worked for “most of their patients.” Since then, we’ve been back to see him multiple times and I continue to be impressed by his candor and desire to help us achieve our goals. The supporting staff and nurses are also outstanding – especially nurse Pam and nurse Mia. I can always count on them to return my calls and answer any questions. I highly recommend Dr. Muasher and the Duke Fertility Program. The care and support we’ve received there has been amazing.

Dr. Price was very informative and optimistic on our chances of having a baby in our future. He doesn’t rush to put me on medicine until he is sure it is necessary which I really appreciate.

Dr. Hurd was great. Very informative and gave us all the options available. We were very satisfied with our visit and plan to use Duke’s services.

Dear Dr. Muasher, I’m so sorry I havent written until now.  It felt funny to write until our baby was here and healthy, and now she has arrived!  At every step we heard how healthy she was and how perfectly she was developing.  She is amazing.  Every day I am overwhelmed by just how perfect she is.  The first couple of weeks I teared up every time I looked at her thinking about how much I loved her and how she almost didn’t get to be.  You have made our dreams and wishes come true.  We are so wonderfully happy to be parent, and we feel lucky every single day.  We know that without you and your incredible knowledge and skills we would never have had the opportunity to meet and parent this little miracle.  We are forever indebted to you and will always tell her about the caring man who worked against the biological odds to help create her.  Ive thought of you almost every day since I found out I was pregnant, and I’ll never forget what you did for us.  I will never be able to fully express my extreme gratitude, but thank you.  Thank you so very, very much.  Our lives will always be immeasurably full because of you.  THANK YOU!

Dear Dr. Price and Team, Miracles do happen, and not always in the ways we anticipate.  We would like to thank you for all of your kindness and support during the past few years!

 Dr. Eaton, We are delighted to share that we had a little boy! We are completely smitten with him. Thank you for the wonderful care!

Dr Thomas Price is one of the nicest and best doctors I have been to in a long time.  He really cares about his patients and makes them feel very secure and cared for.  I will never forget him and his staff.  They made my visits and surgeries a memorable one.  I would gladly recommend him to any and everyone I meet who would benefit from his services.  Please relay my message to him for making my stay the best it could be.  He is a doctor that goes above and beyond. 

 ALWAYS a very good experience with Dr Price and Duke Fertility Center Personnel.  Very courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. thank you very much!

Dr Price is the best doctor ever and the staff at Duke Fertility Center are all so wonderful! All the people who work there from the front desk staff to the nurses to the fellows to Dr Price are so kind, thoughtful, engaged, and talented.  I am grateful for this wonderful group of care providers!

My visit was of an emotional and sad reason.  All staff, including doctors and nurses were gracious, understanding, and thoughtful.  This went beyond our expectations.

Dear Dr Muasher, It is with great gratitude that I am writing to let you know that our little baby was born healthy on **/**/****.  He decided to come early, at just over 35 weeks.  Besides his small size, he had no health issues, and we were so thankful once we got over the shock of his early arrival! We can’t thank you and the whole team at Duke Fertility Center enough for making it possible for us to experience this joy!  He is already 3 months old, and is doing great! We feel so blessed, and wanted to make sure you knew how appreciative we are of all that you and your team have done! Thank you!

"Excellent service throughout, before, and after visit."

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