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Let us help you take your first steps

Building the future of your family, today.

The Fertility Clinic That Cares

At Duke Fertility Center, our experienced and compassionate fertility specialists give you the care and confidence you need to make your dreams of building a family come true.

You Are Not Alone On This Journey

We strive to offer a safe and informative community for you to share your story with others going through a similar experience.

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Your Unique Journey to Parenthood

Heterosexual Couples

We're here to help. Our experienced and compassionate team will provide you guidance as you build the family you've been waiting for.


There's no "one best way" to treat fertility patients. At Duke Fertility Center, we cater to your specific needs and the goals of your family.


The team at Duke Fertility Center serves our patients and helps each and every person take his or her first steps to parenthood.

"Very positive experience! The doctors and staff are great! I am extremely happy we chose Duke for our fertility care."

Building one family at a time