3D Sonogram

DFC sonogram

3D Sonohysterography is a diagnostic test involving the use of saline as a contrast agent inside the uterine cavity. Injecting saline into the uterine cavity increases the ability to see problems in the cavity and in the wall (myometrium) of the uterus.

What to expect

A 3D sonohysterography is done by placing a speculum and the vagina, cleaning off the cervix with a mild soap solution and then passing a thin catheter through the cervix into uterine cavity. Saline is slowly injected into the cavity while a 3D ultrasound of the uterus is performed.  The catheter is then removed and images of any uterus abnormality can be studied and reviewed with the patient. Although this procedure sounds similar to a hysterosalpingogram (HSG), patients commonly report that the HSG is much more uncomfortable than the sonohysterogram.

Interpreting the Results of a 3D Sonohysterogram

If a uterus abnormality is found following the 3D sonohysterogram, this usually requires further evaluation and treatment. If a uterus abnormality such as a uterine fibroid is found in the wall of the uterus (myometrium), the need to treat it is influenced by its size and how close it is to the uterine cavity. Successful treatments may decrease or eliminate repetitive miscarriages.