Specimen Storage - Specimen Termination

RI Witness specimen storage with test tube


Duke Fertility Center can freeze your specimen for long-term storage, however, we do not store specimens onsite long term. Once frozen, we will ship your specimen to a storage facility, where it will remain frozen indefinitely or until you are ready to use it. For more information, please call us at 919-572-4673 and press option 1 then press option 5.


Please contact our Embryology Laboratory directly if information regarding embryos is required at dfcartlab@duke.edu.

Specimen Termination

If you have specimens stored at Duke Fertility Center and would like to dispose of them, please complete the Embryo Storage Termination Form, Embryo Storage Termination Form (Genetically Tested Embryos) and/or the Sperm Storage Termination Form and return to Duke Fertility Center.