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Egg Donation is a Rewarding Experience

Donating eggs is a life-changing gift that can help make the dream of becoming a parent a reality. The families we work with often turn to receiving donated eggs at Duke Fertility after they have exhausted all other options. These couples and individuals are generally kind, capable people who desperately want the opportunity to bring a child into the world, but are not able to do so on their own. The women who donate eggs afford families and individuals the opportunity to experience the family of their dreams. Egg donation is not only rewarding for the recipient, but also for the donor.  Egg donors at Duke cite three main reasons for serving as a donor:

  • An altruistic desire to help others.  Egg donation is the ultimate altruistic act for women who are unselfishly devoted to the welfare of others.  Having the power to improve the lives of others in a deeply meaningful and permanent way appeals to many women and creates a desire to donate their eggs.  Our donors have reported a sense of satisfaction and happiness resulting from their ability to help others create a family.
  • A love of motherhood that creates empathy with infertile couples struggling to achieve that life experience.  Egg donors may have children of your own or want to have kids someday in the future. Although in this day and age we have advanced reproductive technologies, there are still many couples who are struggling to have a child.  It’s hard for us to imagine the stress they are going through, but knowing that you can provide the help to alleviate their worries will create a meaningful experience that will help you appreciate your own family even more.
  • Having a personal relationship with someone who has experienced infertility or pregnancy loss. Many egg donors report knowing someone (for example, a sister, aunt, neighbor, coworker, or friend) who has struggled with fertility challenges or miscarriage.  Witnessing that pain may prompt you to begin researching egg donation.  Egg donors may think “Well, I’m not using my eggs this month and they will otherwise go to waste.  Perhaps this egg donation can benefit someone going through what my friend went through.”   

Infertility can be heart wrenching for the individuals and couples facing it. Egg donation can help them create the family they have always wanted. Along with the intrinsic value of donating eggs, donors will be compensated $4,500 for each donation. Donors can donate up to 6 times. 

Consider helping a family today by becoming an egg donor! 

"My husband accompanied me and we both agreed the entire experience was delightful. Everyone we met was extremely courteous and professional."

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