Meet the Gunters


Duke Fertility Center helped us start and grow our family. As a same sex couple, we knew that we were going to need assistance if we wanted to have children. My wife and I worked with the amazing providers at Duke Fertility Center to complete the IVF process utilizing donor sperm. In 2015, we welcomed our beautiful son. When my son was born, he looked just like my wife, and I was amazed at the magnificence of science.

As our son grew, we knew that we wanted to have another child, but we needed additional assistance. In addition to IVF, I needed my wife to serve as my surrogate because I was unable to carry a child full term. We returned to Duke Fertility Center in 2019, and we went through the process of retrieving my eggs, fertilizing them with the same donor, and transferring an embryo to my wife’s uterus (and which I got to assist!). This was an amazing experience! In 2020, our daughter was born, and when she looked up at me with my same blue eyes, I knew that magic and science are intertwined. 

In the end, my wife was able to give birth to both of our children; and as a woman that was unable to carry a child, I was able to experience the beauty of how surrogacy and IVF can help my family as well as many other families.