Meet the Schweitzers

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Thanks to Duke fertility physicians and nurses, we have been blessed with two beautiful babies. With their knowledge, support and high-quality medical care, we were able to beat the odds and get the family we hoped and dreamed of for so long. Going through an unnatural process of IVF can be overwhelming mentally and physically, but the entire staff at the clinic were determined to help us succeed. They cried with us and rejoiced with us all along our journey.

The Duke Fertility Clinic provided top notch care. A thorough work up was done with no steps left out to determine our diagnosis and develop a personalized treatment plan. All options and avenues were discussed with my husband and me, including up-to-date data and statistics to support the plan. We had complete faith in our Duke Fertility Center team that we would accomplish our goals to create our family one way or another. Our goal was met, and they helped us bring two beautiful babies into this world.

The relationship we have with Duke Fertility Center is priceless, and we continue to refer our family and friends who need their expertise. We are thankful that we still have a relationship with the staff, and they continue to watch our miracle babies grow. Our babies were created at Duke, born at Duke and are being raised within the Duke medical family. Thanks for making our dreams come true!

I highly recommend Duke Fertility Center not just for its high-quality care, but more importantly, the physicians' and nurses’ compassion and dedication to help patients through a heartbreaking/emotional time. They are exceptional. They provided us with hope and gave us the best chance to start our family.

Starting from the front desk to the nurses, physicians and embryologists taking care of our precious eggs, we were well cared for and provided with exceptional medical and emotional support.

We cannot thank the physicians and nurses at Duke Fertility Center enough for their exceptional care, support and compassion to grow our family. We are forever grateful!